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About Us

About Us

To achieve excellence in career, one needs academic excellence. The academic excellence though starts from schooling, but can also be captured during higher education levels. Be it at home country the path one chooses at the early stages leads to the right destination.

To help the students who wish to gain academic excellence by studying in India?s top Universities and Colleges, SPOC India Global provides free guidance and services to get admission in the leading Universities and Colleges in various parts of India such as Application Processing, Hostel Accommodation.

SPOC India Global Services offers free, fair, personalized counseling to the students and their parents.
Choice of the right course, right College or university at affordable cost to get the best education is very crucial for a student and it is the motto of SPOC India Global Services to provide frank and free guidance on all these aspects.

SPOC India Global Services emphasis on long term relationships, adaptive behavior, culture and reputation for reliability has attracted the best talent and the most discerning clients. We are fully committed to establish and maintain a positive difference to your actual requirement.
SPOC India Global Services is the premier education Counseling center, which provides all information regarding Indian Educational Institutions, Universities, Colleges, Coaching Institutions in all the Streams include Medical, Dental, Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Applied Medicine, Architecture & all Professional Courses, Bank Coaching, SSC. Our consultative approach is mainly helping & recognizing the students for choosing right Institutions or Universities for making a bright career. We are into education consulting & training on skill development of MBA?s & B Tech aiming to provide candidates knowledge & understanding of their future prospects. Apart from this, we also offer placement assistance to colleges & students for providing a platform to begin & excel in their chosen area of interest.Spocindia is located in the heart of down town area of NOIDA. At Spocindia, we have a passion for our work, a strong bond with our colleagues and an unshakable dedication to our customers' interests. Greater achievements lie ahead in the coming years with your support, encouragement and good wishes.

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