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Amity University

Amity University

At Amity we are passionate about grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values and sanskars. This is just one of the many reasons given below, why we are consistently.

At Amity we benchmark only against the best institutions around the world. Our faculty and senior team travel all over the globe to learn and imbibe the best practices so that we can give a solid foundation for learning.

As part of this endeavour, we have air-conditioned amphitheatre style classrooms that provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions, while the libraries at our campus are equipped with over 1,00,000 books, periodicals, national and international journals, CD-ROMS, covering all aspects of academic studies and research material. The hi-tech labs act as ideal training grounds for budding professionals that allow students to experiment and bring to practice what they have learnt in theory.
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The Amity University logo is represented in a shield divided into dark blue and golden yellow sections by an upward sweeping line that depicts growth and progress in life, achievable through education. While the shield shape represents the resolute shelter of truth, two contrasting yet adjacent colours connote a blend of modernity with tradition. The dark blue with contemporary cues of technology, performance and advancement strikes a synergy with the golden yellow radiance of tradition, culture and values. The flame represents the purity and passion for knowledge, while the upper and lower parts of the flame replicate the arch of 'A' and the bend of 'U' respectively, the two leading alphabets of Amity University.

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